About Us

Mobile Communications Research Group (MCRG) of Tokyo Institute of Technology was established in 2001.

The objective of the group is to conduct advanced research related to mobile communications.

Main Laboratories of MCRG:

Our group conducts comprehensive research on the development of mobile communication systems covering a wide range of cutting edge technologies in the fields of the antenna and propagationtransmission systems, hardware development and signal processing.

The synergy in the group creates an ideal environment for cross-disciplinary discussions and tapping of expertise resulting in various notable joint projects and developments. Our group has a weekly seminar to share the latest research outcomes among internal laboratories and to gain insight on our research activities by inviting guest speakers.

An Open House is yearly organized to introduce MCRG activities and build a network with external companies, institutes and organizations in the field of mobile communications.

Distinguished speakers from both the academia and industry are invited to give key note speeches and lectures to contribute their views and visions for the future development of research in mobile communications.