A Full Stack Perspective of 5G mmWave Communications

Date: July 7, 2017 (Friday)
Time: 10:30-11:30
Place: S3-201 seminar room (O-okayama South 3, 2F)
Speaker: Dr. Marco Mezzavilla, Research Scientist,
NYU Tandon School of Engineering,
New York University, USA

TITLE: A Full Stack Perspective of 5G mmWave Communications

ABSTRACT: In this talk, Dr. Mezzavilla will provide a description of
the most recent activities and key finds conducted at NYU WIRELESS
relatively to mmWave communications. The focus will be on NYU’s
end-to-end research platform, which comprises a channel sounder
equipped with 12 steerable antenna elements, a mmWave channel
emulator, and a customizable open source network simulator for 5G
end-to-end mmWave cellular systems. This platform has been recently
awarded a NIST grant to assess the feasibility of mmWave
communications for emergency scenarios. Dr. Mezzavilla will then delve
into the core of the network simulator, and present some of the most
recent results related to the performance of TCP over intermittent
mmWave links.