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Tokyo Tech Mobile Communications Research Group holds a regular weekly meeting.

In the 2015 Autumn semester, it will be held on every Thursday from 5:00 to 6:30 PM at South 3 building unless otherwise informed.  The seminar is actively organized by doctoral candidates to motivate their initiatives in internal and external research networks.

The purpose of the seminar is twofold:

to share the latest research outcomes among internal laboratories; and
to gain insight on our research activities by inviting guest speakers.

Every year, several speakers from outside Japan are also invited to the seminar.

The list of presentations are as follows (Tentative): 

2015 Autumn Semester
Characterization of Radio Propagation Channel
for Microwave and Milimeter Wave Mobile Communication Systems
- Toward 5G New Radio Access Technology -

presented by Prof. Jun-ichi Takada
Nov-12 @S3-201
Statistic Properties of Rainfall in Tokyo for Millimeter-Wave Wireless Network
presented by Assist. Prof. Takuichi Hirano
Nov-19 @S3-201
Antenna Lab.
Intercell-Interference Cancellation
and Neural Network Transmit Power Optimization for MIMO Channels

presented by Michael Andri Wijaya (D3)
Adaptive Codebook Precoder Employing Kalman filter
for Time-varying MIMO Channels

presented by Huiyu Ye (D2)
Nov-26 @S3-201
Signal Proccessing Lab.

Directional Characteristics of Millimeter Wave Propagation Channel
in Outdoor Urban Picocell

presented by Karma WANGCHUK (D2)
Characteristics Evaluation of Dense Multipath Component
in 11GHz-band Indoor Environment

presented by Assist. Prof. Kentaro Saito
Dec-3 @S3-201
Propagation and Antenna Lab.

A Study of User Scheduling for Millimeter Wave MU-MIMO Systems
-Evaluation with Small Conference Room Channel Model and 3-secter Access Point-

presented by Dr. Yuyuan Chang (PD)
Deployment of LED light control system
using battery-less wireless human detection sensor networks

presented by Tao Yu (D3)
Dec-10 @S3-201
System Lab.

Invited Talk
presented by Dr.  Motoharu Sasaki from NTT

Dec-17 @S3-201

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If you wish to join the seminar, please contact Yuyuan CHANG  . (Please replace "(at)" by "@".)

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