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Tokyo Tech Mobile Communication Research Group consists of the following laboratories.

Signal Processing Laboratory

Staff:   Prof. Kazuhiko Fukawa
System Laboratory

Staff:   Associate Prof. Kei Sakaguch, Assistant Prof. Gia Khanh Tran, and Emeritus Prof. Kiyomichi Araki
Propagation and Antenna Laboratory

Staff:   Prof. Jun-ichi Takada and Assistant Prof. Kentaro Saito
Antenna Laboratory

Staff:   Prof. Makoto Ando, Prof. Jiro Hirokawa and Assistant Prof. Takuichi Hirano
RF Circuit Laboratory

Staff:   Prof. Akira Matsuzawa, Associate Prof. Kenichi Okada, and Assistant Prof. Masaya Miyahara

Detailed information on staffs, research topics, and contact address is available in each website. For brief introduction of each laboratory, an annual report of our research group is available.

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